There will come a time in your Spiritual journey where everything will get stuck, you will feel you are moving a big boulder alone on a very steep mountain ahead. Nothing might make sense; nothing will happen however much you try. Despite being a great person, you might not get anything in this phase. You might wonder why it is happening with you Afterall, everything was going smooth and then all hell breaks loose in your life. Essentially you will feel all you have done has gone to crap (excuse the language), but this is the exact feeling.

Well first congratulations. You are the chosen one. Only the most selfless individual in the family who can bear this burden will be charged with this duty. Secondly if you have reached this level, you have done enough spiritual growth, sewa, karma yoga or something else to clear all your personal and family karma. Thirdly it is going to be tough, so get prepared and nothing will move unless it is finished, come what may. It is a purification of another level. But the good news is, clearing ancestral karma is always rewarded. It might feel a tedious thankless job while dong it but have no doubt that your ancestors will reward you with the choicest things, in a jiffy. People will doubt you, might not understand as you are doing this behind the scenes work but do not pay attention to them. Why I say that is because when you clear this layer of karma also, you will be unstoppable. So do this back breaking work, and it can be long, only my mother’s sided ancestral karma took me 1.5 years to clear and no we cannot stop it once it begins. I have counselled a lot of people in the last 2 years who are clearing ancestral karma and I have seen them get frustrated with the process, which is very human of them. And I am not trying to scare you but if you are chosen you are chosen, you have no choice but to do it. When it happened to me, I had no one to guide me and people I went to, just wanted to make huge amounts of money from me, thus I am writing this article so that you know everything when you are going through it. When you are aware of what is happening with you, its always easier to deal with it. I always like to find quick and easy ways to do things, not because I am super smart, but because I am essentially a really lazy human being (please don’t be telling anyone). I always look for easy shortcut methods for everything so that I can relax the rest of the time. It is a simple equation really.


Its essentially self-work but at family level. Look for repeating patterns in your family. I will give some examples below. You will have to go into greater depth of course specific to your family.

- You want to do a creative business but no one in your family has ever done it before, you will have to clear the blocks.

- Women are not happy in their relationships in your family line, you won’t be either.

- Everyone has a life full of struggle and lacks luxury in your family line, your life will also have struggle.

- Your family has jealous neighbors, you will too.

- You parents have frenemies, well hello to yours too.

- People in higher positions never support you, check your family line patterns.

Just endless patterns are to be found in any family, or if you are really lucky and your family has done constant work you might find very few. But I hope you got an idea about how to identify your patterns.


- ASK for help. Now who is the best person to ask for help. Well, it is your ancestors only. I lit a diyan/candle for them and asked for help. Also offer them flowers, food and water, you an make an altar and connect with them every day for some time. They will be more than happy to help and guide and they are immensely powerful. You will know.

- Do charity in your ancestral name, I did charity every month. Any amount to any individual/ organization in your ancestral name will work. This step helps a lot and speeds up the process.

- Do prayers and japas to clear ancestral karma. If you are not Hindu, read your own scriptures for your ancestral karma. Yes, it works. Just place the intent before reading it.

- Help others clear their ancestral karma, you will be surprised how you are connected to others ancestrally so essentially, we are all one. Like I counselled endless people and now I am able to write this article finally. Gratitude.

So, I feel I had a mountain of karma and I was stuck completely in every way, so I did all of the above, but you can choose to do any or two or all of the above to clear your karma. If you have landed on this article and have read it to this point, please note that you are clearing ancestral karma right now. Well congratulations again. Why I say that, even if you feel tired, exhausted, stuck, unappreciated, whatever this feeling is? The best is yet to come.


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